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The Bago Regional College was opened at No. (1) Basic High School on May 27,1977 in (1976-77 academic year).

Bago Regional College had been changed to Bago College on 30 th November 1981. At the same time, the library was run the committee members. At first, part-time staff of the library and the teachers helped the library duty from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on week days in 1982. The Regional College was moved from No. (1) Basic High School to current Bago University Compound in 1984.

At that time it didn’t have a separate building. The location of library occupied with building (G). Then the library was moved to Room No. (150) of the main building in 1985. Finally, it was moved to the current three storey building on 14 May 2014.

Librarian and its Predecessors

Daw Thein Thein Su                                  2016 to until now

Daw Naw Mya Nyo                                   2012 – 2018

U Kyaw Win                                                 1977 – 1999

Daw Khin Win Yee                                    1988 – 1999

Library Staff

Sr. Designation No.
1. Librarian 1
2. Assistant Librarian 1
3. Library Assistant Grade (2) 2
4. Library Assistant Grade (3) 2
5. Library Assistant Grade (4) 1
6. Cartographer (3) 1
7. Lower Divisional Clerk 1
8. Junior Typist Clerk 1
Total 10

Library Collection

Myanmar Books                                               11,903

English Books                                                    11,123

Myanmar Magazines                                       10,067

English Magazines                                           4,625

Myanmar Journal                                             1,060

English Journal                                                3,882

M.A, M.Sc., Thesis Books                                  308

Library Services

  • Circulation Service
  • Periodical Service
  • Reference Service
  • e-Library Service
  • Preservation and Conversation Service

1. Circulation Section

The Bago University Library was used by two models of acquisition by purchase and donation. After  attending the course, online library system,  e-catalogue entries with e-library software are used. Teaching staff can borrow up to 5 books at the same time for loan period of two weeks. Students can borrow up to 2books at the same time for loan period of one week.

2. Reference Room

General reference books are Encyclopedia, Almanacs, Dictionaries, Universities Research Journals, Children’s Encyclopedia and Thesis. Users can also read the old Myanmar Reference books.

3. e-Library

Library Service of the Bago University is e-Library and internet. The service is given in a separate room in the first floor. It also provides CD ROMs and e-books as well as free wifi-access. Moreover, for easy access to internet and eTekkatho Digital Library Offline was installed on  16th December 2016. It includes the books on (3000) Syllabuses of Massachusetts  Institute of Technology University, Engineering Subjects, Management Courses, General Knowledge, English Language , Physics, Chemistry ,Geology , Mathematics , Zoology , Encyclopedia and so on. To use the digital library , ten personal computers are provided and copying CD can be done by the permission of the librarian. There are about 1200 library members ofBago University Library. They are teachers, students and staff. Teachers and students use  e-library to search database for their subjects and research papers.

4. Reading Room

There are two common reading rooms for 70 users each in the library.

5. Preservation and Conservation

Newspapers and periodicals are functioned by preservation and conversation.

Opening Hours

Room Hours
1 st Floor Reference and Periodical 10:00 to 15:00
e-Library 10:00 to 15:00
Ground Floor Circulation 10:00 to 16:00


Annually, enrolled students, office staff and faculty members have registered at the library. It needs present his/ her identity card and 3 passport photos to apply for the library card.

Outsiders need the recommendation letter from government department or from a professor at Bago University.

User Categories Loan Cards Loan Periods
Students 2 Card 1 Week
Teaching Staff 3 Card 2 Week
Office Staff 1 Card 1 Week

Researchers and outsiders can use in Library.

E Catalogue


  • e-Tekkatho Digital Library

(online:; offline:

  • MALC

Ten computers are installed in the e-Library section for user who can access e-Resources databases via eTekkatho (both offline and online). It also provides CD-ROMs and e-books as well as free Wi-Fi access.

eTekkatho Digital Library was donated by Manchester University in December 2016 and the offline is updated by every year. It offers over 1700 full text resources. And special collection resources including Wikipedia in Myanmar Language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Zoology, English Language, and Massachusetts Institution of Technology’s Open Courseware and Video Files.

The library became the member of MALC (Myanmar Academic Library Consortium) in September, 2018. MALC organized (9) universities libraries at first. Later, universities and college libraries have become the members of MALC in Myanmar. MALC serves some e-resources from e-library. Myanmar project (EBSCO) host, Discovery Service databases to members Universities. So, the faculty members, researchers and students can use the online database at library.

The following some databases can be used at Bago University’s e library room.

Ask Librarian

Daw Thein Thein Su


If you have any question about the library, please contact to Bago University Library page on Facebook.


Old Questions

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